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Visual Artist

Hello, my name is Molly Keen, a Visual Artist that transforms barren walls into whimsically activated colorful works of art. I received my formal education from Washington State University with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts 2006-2010. I am currently a full time working Artist that specializes in Sculpture and Murals. 


My murals are found throughout 32 cities and 20 different countries in North, Central, and South America, Europe, the Mediterranean, and the European Balkans. 


Community participation is present in my pieces, where I facilitate multiple days of community mural painting similar to that of a paint by numbers technique for adults and youth. The style that I am is known for is my large flowing ribbons with bright colors that appear as a focal point.


My initial love for creating began with my mother, who encouraged my passion for exploration and became the most important inspiration for my life as an Artist. My mother, Cindy Keen, was likewise an artist herself and I changed my name from Molly Aigner to my Artist Molly Keen to honor my Mother’s memory.


Keens work worldwide 




Molly Keen​

Tel: 206-294-1881


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