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  • Molly Keen

Medellin, Colombia


Yesterday I took a bus from Bogota to Medellin about a 9.5 hour bus ride. The bus was pretty comfortable despite the fact that I sat next to a guy that was sick and was too large for his own seat! Despite the odds I was able to fall asleep. I arrived in Medellin early morning and checked int my hostel, ¨The Pitstop¨ which has a pool (two yellow labs mom and daughter), a full bar and 100 rooms. I have to say it feels a little like jersey shore. Sometimes these hostels are so accommodating people find themselves just partying and staying in! Got to do some paiting yesterday and looking into doing a mural at the hostel!


This city is such a change of pace from Bogota. It is much more modern, feels quite safer, less chaotic, more artistic, gorgeous 80 degree weather and a lot of public spaces such as parks and museums. I am excited to see more of it! Definitely feeling this city!


Immediately I met some friends from New York, New Zealand and Brazil. We explored the markets and went to the Museo de Antioquia which had many works donated from Botero who is from this city.

Today I am up at 7am headed on a 2.5 hour bus to Guadape. Super excited, it’s an island that is a must.

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