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Mural Painting

Murals generate beauty and activate communities while

increasing the number of patrons and amplifying creativity.

1. Brand Amplification

Create a one of a kind large scale mural that speaks about who you are and what you are about with more than just words! 

2. Think Local

Murals attract new and local businesses and the walls that they create together can become iconic not to the neighborhood but to the entire city as a place to remember and enjoy. 

3. Social Media Expansion

Murals offer as a backdrop to many patrons adding color and outreach for your company. They share and enjoy the color and creative space that they create!

4. Community Activation

Teams of young students or adults can come together through teamwork painting a mural together!

5. Team Building 

Create long-lasting artwork with your team while painting and creating alongside one another! Makes for the perfect bonding experience!

6. Live Events

Live painting, live lettering, live mural community painting and more. 

Molly's Art worldwide 

Molly Keen’s grassroots in the luscious Pacific Northwest shines through in her natural designs and organic compositions. Since relocating from Seattle to Oakland in 2010, she has been working full-time as an artist and educator. Keen transforms barren urban walls into dreamlike community spaces. 


Since graduating from Washington State University with a BFA in 2010, Keen has spent her career traveling the world, painting 40+ whimsically colored, large-scale murals. Her works are spread across 34 cities and 22 countries, including several acrylic murals as part of residencies in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and Cabanconde, Peru — known for their playful palettes and flowing twists that conjure child-like emotions.


Her professional career started teaching art for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients in Berkeley, California. These formative experiences continue to inspire her works today, including the community painting days she facilitates in neighborhoods, schools, and nonprofits across the country.


Her initial love for dreaming, creating, and exploring began with her mother, Cindy Keen, who always encouraged her passion for the arts. For the last 13 years, Keen has painted in her mother's memory, ultimately adopting her mother's maiden name as her artist's name in her honor.



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