mural photos

'DREAMING TURTLE'Public Mural 2020 - Acrylic 68' x 25'. Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia 2020.

Individual Artist-led project with hired local help. Commissioned by a co-working and co-living business the 5 stories (68 foot) mural explodes with color, the bright pastel colors light up what used to be a dark concrete wall with positivity.


'Turtle Dreaming' is a representation of the inward journey that we all take, especially during the year 2020. When the beaches were closed the iconic turtle brought the ocean to the land.


The work creates a dream-like landscape that inspires hope and community for the Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia Community.

Molly Mural 34 Telegraph (2 of 46).jpg


Private Mural, 2021 Acrylic, 35’ x 9’. Dallas, TX.  


Set in a garage, the floor-to-ceiling mural welcomes any guest staying at the house to feel welcomed with a Dallas greeting of cowboy boots, cactus, and starry night skies.


Created with aerosol and concrete paint for the floor the mural lights up the garage space with playful neon colors.



Public Mural, 2018, Acrylic, 20’ x 8’. Portland, Oregon.

Collaborative public community mural. Utilizing the existing triangle reliefs on the wall, this mural not only highlights the shapes but combines comparable colors on top of one another to create a more three-dimensional illusion.


The mural was conceived as a part of the Biketopia Music Collective 2019 Bicycle Tour where I, along with 25 artists and musicians organized 34 pedal-powered music and art festivals from Vancouver, Canada to Oakland, California.

Fremont 1.JPG

'SOLSTICE' Public Mural, 2021, Aeresol, 60’ x 11’. Fremont, Seattle, Washington.

Celebrating the Seattle Solstice Festival, the work is featured on the iconic Theo Chocolate Factory off the Burke Gilman Trail.


Thanks to Bold Hat Production and Jack Daniels the mural has become an iconic and neighborhood favorite of Fremont!



Public Mural. 2013 Acrylic, 15’ x 45’ x 0’


Cabanaconde, Peru

Collaborative public community mural. The product of a month-long residency in the village of Cabanaconde during the harvest of corn. The mural is a representation of the time spent and honors the Peruvian women of the region by showcasing the imagery of their daily garment dresses. 


The dresses included six pointed stars as well as depictions of native plants and animals, distinguishing their village of origin.


The mural came about in 2013 during a Latin American Mural Tour, a two-year individually led mural project that led to the creation of over 20 murals throughout Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile. 



Public Mural, 2020  -Acrylic 20’ x 12'.


Khopangan, Thailand. 


Individual Artist-led project with hired local help. Inspired by the full moon cycles and past gathering upon the island, the mural embodies the surrounding jungle area with native flowers and plants.


Iconic square and detailed patterns appear once the viewer engages closely.


Emerged as a four-part mural series through a three-month Southeast Asia mural tour.



Public Mural, 2020 - Acrylic, 130’ x 10’.


Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.  


Set on the ocean at the surfing epicenter of Bali the work showcases pirate imagery and storytelling, matching the famous bar 'Old Man's' iconic baby blue and white colors and branding. 




Public Mural, 2017 - Acrylic, 16’ x 45’


Emeryville, CA. 


Individual-led public mural. Perspectives shift as one approaches the mural, viewing the Rotten City Logo, a monkey riding a greyhound, signifying the history of Emeryville as the once wild west ridden with gambling, alcohol during the prohibition, and industry taking hold of this iconic neighborhood. 


Take a closer look, and see the arrows leading to the doorway, movement shifting the viewer to engage more intimate to the piece.


Playful yet with purpose the mural engages participants of all ages to take a closer look and always find something new. 



Public Mural, 2018 Acrylic, 9’ x 25’. Berlin, Germany.

Collaborative public community mural. The mural explores the relationship between color, movement, and playful nature.


Set in a bustling hostel in Berlin, the composition brings to life a dancing ribbon that leads the viewer through the entirety of the piece at one glance. 


The mural emerged as a part of the 2018 European Mural Tour where six new large-scale works throughout Bosnia, Portugal, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands.