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Create a mural

Create a unique and site-specific mural for your property, business, community, school, or organization. 


Examples of specific sites include:


Outdoor Mural:

-Low rise/mid-rise buildings.

-Street facing walls

-Rooftop terraces

-Warehouses and shipping containers


Indoor Mural:


-Co-working Spaces



-Logo Painting

-Retail, Restaurants, and Hotels 

Sponsor a mural

A great way to directly impact your community! 

Your business, organization, or person in the community can donate money with the intent of creating a mural for the local project of your choice, or a project that currently needs funding near you!

Your contribution will make a mural creation come true at a school, park, community space, or even under a freeway!

We can get creative.


Perfect for events, concerts, fundraisers, conferences, and community gatherings!

Live canvas or panel custom murals. Possibility of auctioning off the painting at the end of the event. 

The participants can paint alongside the Muralist a the event. 

We can work with your schedule, only 3 hours? No problem!

Keen builds panels or canvas specific to your event needs where you can custom create the size and content of the mural. 


1:1 lessons and teaching in a

a paint-by-numbers-inspired technique where everyone can be an artist. 


Keen preps the canvas and designs with dots of color similar to a coloring book.


Next, each participant receives a color of their choosing.

Next, let the painting color scavenger hunt begin!

After the painting Keen goes over the work ensuring a long-lasting and clean finished piece.

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