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  • Molly Keen

Cookie Factory Mural

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Sweet smell of baking goodness fills my air as flour rises to my face and the sound of cookies dancing along the conveyor belt fill my existence. I climb high to the last step of the ladder, almost balanced and gaze at the factory high above all else. Spanish music is playing and I am put right back into my travels in Mexico. 5 days of painting and endless amounts of eating cookies, I finished a couple murals/projects for WOW Bakery Seattle company that stands for “WithOut Wheat”. The factory is based out of Kent, Washington.

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One of the main reasons that I painted for WOW was that they wanted their factory colorful and fun because they were filming for a TV show. Food Networks “How it’s made” was featuring WOW and I agreed to help make the factory a little more colorful and flowing.

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This past Friday they filmed a production TV series “How it’s made” for the cookies. The cookie factory was looking a little white and I agreed to help paint some of the walls and make the factory up with color.

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Where: WOW Bakery located in Kent, Washington United States.

What: A couple different murals, writing and cookie magic designs.

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Exchange: Paid gig now that I am back in the states. I charge based upon square footage and time.

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What I learned: What a unique experience painting among cookies being made and then being packaged. I was intimately in almost all corners of the factory painting various words, phrases and little cookies.  To watch the process start from butter and flour and then to smell the cookies being baked, watch them being cooled by fans, and then ultimately put into a little machine that spits them out into bags and then packaged and ready to go. One of my most favorite things was to watch them switch flavors and to always smell a different aroma in the air. The workers were super friendly and in fact many spoke Spanish so I was able to continue speaking.

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