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Feliz Navidad!


Feliz Navidad to all! I had a wonderful Christmas!

I especially want to give a big thanks to Kimberly and all my family in Seattle for sending me such a lovely video! I feel so thankful to have that video and the an amazing family! Kimberly you are the best. Some highlights in the video- Sue with Santa, Charlie talking, James new haircut, Tina getting cut off by the kids, Joesha trying to learn Spanish, and seeing everyone’s smiles and love that they were sending to me! Thank you!

Here is the link if you did not get a chance to see it! Love you!

Monique and I went to the light show where there was a festival in the streets near the river! So many people, so many lights, and so much choas!


Here is a meat platter, no idea what is in it. I belive there is a lot of fat, a vegetarians nightmere!

Recently I took up running. I miss my bicycle and need something to counteract the greasy food here! I have fallen in love with it because I can explore the city in a new way and get exercise. Most of the places here have swimming pools and its always nice to jump in the pool after a long swim!

The hostel had a big Christmas dinner and then everyone went out on a party bus. Myself, I just caught up on some reading and Spanish. My Spanish es muy lindo! Me encanta aprender español todos los días! Its super easy to practice because there are so many people that come and go and I can just ask different people the same questions if I forget and I can practice stories over over and over again. Its so wonderful and super easy to do!

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all had a lovely day and I am sending you all my love!

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