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Santa Marta, Colombia Mural

Santa Marta at Hostel de Jackie. This hostel is located just 3 blocks from the beach and in downtown. Before I enter a city I will e mail a hostel and ask if they need a mural. In return I say that they can give me free room and, if possible, food as well. This was my first mural and I am glad it is done! I listened to a lot of Spanish pod casts while doing it. I also switched rooms at this hostel maybe 15 different times, as my room was free and I needed to switch where people reserved beds! Quite an experience for my first mural.

Total time to paint: 30 hours, 3 weeks

About the Process: The particular mural was hard for me as I learned very quick that the room that I took on was too large for just one person to paint. I also learned that Santa Marta gets ridiculously windy and that painting a wall with this texture is quite hard and difficult to do with bad brushes.

What I learned: This was my first mural and as a result I learned a lot more than I thought I would. Not just in terms of what to paint and how to paint, but more in terms of how to communicate and what to do with the next hostel I choose to do a mural for. I want to make sure the mural is inside, that I have sufficient brushes and paint, and that I only do one room!


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