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  • Molly Keen

Palomino, Colombia ¨The Boat¨ – Mural

Where: Palomino, Colombia; a little town next to the Sierra Nevada’s and the Caribbean Sea.

What: One boat on a beach, with gasoline, coal, and thinner! Woah you would not believe the smell! The boat was located directly on the beach next to the Sea in front of a juice stand.

Length of time: Two days, a total of 10 hours. The woman that commissioned me to do it also helped me paint. What a joy!

Accommodation: Free Juices! Zapote (a costal fruit of the Caribbean) with milk was my favorite!

What I learned: Painting in the sand can be dirty and full of bugs! I think so many sand fleas bit me because I was laying in the sand and I was in my bathing suit! I was bit for sure over 100 times on just one side of my legs.



This is the boat before I painted it



Here is the boat after!

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